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Notary Public Services

The role of a Notary Public in a trans-border commercial transaction cannot be over-emphasized. Its role goes beyond mere notarization of signature. Notaries Public are appointed by a top official of their state or national government, in Nigeria by the Chief Justice of the Federation Republic of Nigeria. A Notary Public for the Federal Republic of Nigeria is a fit and proper legal practitioner so appointed by the Chief Justice of Nigeria, when appointed, a Notary Public is deemed an officer of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

A Notary acts as an impartial witness in the execution (signing) of documents, and to certify the facts of such transactions in a notarial certificate. By properly performing their duties, notaries help deter fraud and promote the integrity and reliability of document transactions. The functions of a Notary Public include administration of oaths and making affirmations, taking affidavits and statutory declarations, witnessing and authenticating the execution of certain classes of documents, verification of identity, certification of true copy of original documents, taking acknowledgments of deeds and other conveyances, provide exemplifications and notarial copies, and performing certain other official acts associated with the position of a Notary Public. Notarized documents could be used in Nigeria and internationally.

We assist to arrange for legalization and authentication of documents with the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and consularization with foreign embassies in Nigeria.

At Broadridge we operate a unique, dynamic, prompt and flexible notary public services either at our office or at any desired Client's location.